Shoe Care

Shoe Care Guidelines


In order to take best care of your leather shoes you can use suitable protective sprays that will help defend against water and stains. To help revive your leather you can use polish in a suitable shade that matches the shoe. However when polishing lighter colours we do not recommend tinted polishes as these can discolor the leather.

Patent Leather

Use a special gloss spray to protect and clean the leather.


Suede is a delicate material. Therefore it is vital when treating suede you should follow the instructions on the product carefully. You can help protect suede with appropriate protection sprays. To help remove marks you can use a suede block, but these need to be used in a gentle and careful manner in order to avoid damage or loss of colour. You can also use a suede brush in order to help revive the surface.


Like suede, you can also use a protective spray and suede brush to revive the surface. Marks can be removed as above using a suede block.

Printed Suedes

You can use a delicate protective spray, however we do not recommend you use cleaning products as damage to the print may occur.

Elaborate Materials / Designs

Due to the delicate nature of some of the shoes such as Diamantes, glitter and other extremely delicate materials we do not recommend that you use any cleaning products as damage may occur to the shoe. These types of shoes are best suited for special occasions and not everyday wear.

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